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We are in the process of cataloging our stock and adding items to the website. If you can't see what you are after please contact us, as it is more likely that we've not added it to the website, than we don't have it!

We have an extensive range of new old stock spares including many hard to find items and are happy to help source items outside our stock. If parts are unavailable we are often able to provide new reproduction items to the same quality as the originals.

We try and work with owners to exchange their existing parts, allowing us to test and refurbish components into new assemblies. We always identify parts clearly as Brand New, New Old Stock, or Refurbished.

From gearbox rebuilds to the smallest washer, we can help. Simply contact us with your requirements.

Brake Shoes.HEIC


The Daimler Ferret has drum brakes on Mk 1 and 2 vehicles operated hydraulically by a foot pedal. Mk 4 and 5 vehicles are fitted with disc brakes. Some later vehicles are fitted with a vacuum-servo unit to reduce the manual effort required when applying the brakes.

As well as brake systems, Steering and gear controls are all included here.

If you need something for the braking system or the controls on your Daimler Ferret, this is the place to look!



When it left the factory the Daimler Ferret was normally equipped with certain removable tools and items in accordance with the 'Table of Tools and Equipment' or 'Complete Equipment Schedule'. This detailed the equipment normally required by the British Army to allow crews to operate and maintain vehicles effectively.

If you want to complete your vehicles 'CES Kit' this is the place to look!



The Daimler Ferret has a 24v Electrical system with a negative earth. Powered by two 12v batteries connected in series that are charged with a 2 speed generator or in later models, an alternator. We have most components for the electrical system in stock, so please contact us with your requirements.

If you need any electrical components for your Daimler Ferret, this is the place to look!

Hull and Stowage.jpg


The Daimler Ferret is equipped with a myriad of internal and external storage bins. It also has a lot of special tin-work covers on the interior to protect the crew from moving parts and linkages. We can provide some items from old stock and other items are newly manufactured to the original patterns.

If you need external bodywork like wings or storage bins, or interior storage bins or covers. This is the place to look!

Fuel Filter.jpg


We have stock of fuel and oil filter elements, spark plugs, distributor caps, points and more!

If you need any service items for your Daimler Ferret, this is the place to look!



The gearbox on a Daimler Ferret is substantial and if properly maintained, very reliable. It does have wearing brake bands however that need to be replaced when worn out. We can help with all the parts required for a rebuild or we can offer rebuilt Gearboxes, Bevel boxes or Wheel Stations on an exchange basis.

We can supply all drive line components from complete assemblies to individual components.

If you are looking for something between the engine and the wheels - You are in the right place!

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